A lightweight WordPress theme for restaurants, cafes, and bars

Make your restaurant look as good online as it does in person

Powered by WordPress, the Simple Restaurant theme gives your establishment a modern look for a fraction of the cost.

Easy Is the Name Of the Game.

Simple Restaurant is designed and developed with ease of use in mind for both you and your customers that will be using your website. Taking advantage of built-in WordPress functionality like menus, posts, and pages you can hop right in and get your website setup in as little as 15 minutes! Simple Restaurant is responsive so it looks beautiful no matter if you are viewing it on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. As a business owner you wear many hats and often don't have enough time in your day to get everything done. Simple Restaurant allows you to spend less time managing your website, but still get the benefits of a professionally designed website.

Simple Theme Options.

We built Simple Restaurant to give you as much control as we possibly could. Along with using as much of the built-in functionality that WordPress offers we have crafted additional theme options that allow you to easily setup and make changes to this theme. Quickly change the hedline text on your home page and add or remove a background image. Quickly link up your Facebook account to drive people to your page for your latest news and deals.

Need Help? No Problem.

Most themes try to deliver every feature under the sun, but this makes them very difficult to setup and use unless you want to read through pages of unclear documentation. Simple Restaurant was built with ease of use in mind, but we are still here to help! Along with your purchase we offer general support to help answer your questions. Need more support or want us to setup your website for you? We do offer advanced support and setup services that range from simply installing WordPress and the Simple Restaurant theme for you on your server all the way to complete setup and hosting provided. For pricing informaton email info@wedodev.com.

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